Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Duplex experience in Kabul.

Most of we know that Afghanistan is a poor country like us or below then us. Now the picture is change. Duplex house is now very common in Afghanistan; it’s the fashion there now. Kabul, Lisa Moriam, Majar-E-Sarif and other stat is now full of fashionable house like this. Those house is build after the Afghanistan wear, beside the Holland embassies. Those situated in capital of Afghanistan Kabul and it build in after 2003. Those building are establishing by private funding.

This picture is from Korola posta, safarata Holland, kocha makdum, Shar-E-naw Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan. The style is Duplex house. Construction by Breakstone and types is Resident. My friend Roney helps me from Afghanistan.

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