Saturday, 14 August 2010

Park Place

Park Place, architecturally designed by an international team, will become a spectacular addition to the skyline on Sheikh Zayed Rd and is set to be the most exclusive city address for corporates and residents.

Originally inspired by the shape of a perfume bottle that Mr Bin Drai came across ten years ago, the building has been designed by an Australian firm, Cox Architecture Planning Design, following a design competition between six top international architecture firms who competed to meet the brief.

It is a 60-floor building, {15 floors of Office Building and a further 45 floors of Apartment Building} the building will be sheathed in a 'second skin', protecting it from the heat generated by the fierce Arabian sun as well as channeling cooler air around the inner layer of the building.

Architect: Cox Architecture Planning Design
Location: Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai
Date: 2007
Style: Postmodern
Construction: 234 m Double skinned facade
Type: corporate and residents.

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